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Jointer issues debt tokens to borrow money from the public to help property owners instantly unlock their equity at zero cost. Investors that lend us money receive up to 20% ROI/year based on an index with zero specific property exposure.

Dow Jones REIT vs S&P 500
JNTR token is a debt note that gains returns based on index performance
Your Investment
Your Profit Split
Your Potential Profits
Minimize Risk
Generate Income

Under performance of one property is no longer a risk because your returns will be not affected since it's based on a broad commercial real estate index providing cross collateral of all income streams across all properties in the world that have been tokenized via Jointer system.

Distribute Income

First position is to pay off the tokens and the tokens’ returns. Leftover of revenue is split between Jointer and the property owners.

Increase Returns
Identify Similarities

Each property has characteristics that are in common to other similar properties with the same market, same property and area class, same rent per square foot, same expenses, same cap rate, and so on

Group Similar Properties to Create an Index

These characteristics are used to generate a broad index, which allows the Jointer tokens (JNTR) to follow an index’s performance.

The returns are much higher than any traditional fixed interest rate since it is linked to performance of commercial real estate markets.
Improve Liquidity

Every time Jointer generates revenue from the properties’ income streams including cash flow, refinancing, or resale, the income will automatically convert to a cryptocurrency such as Ethereum (ETH) or stablecoin, using a third-party provider such as Coinbase

The funds are distributed by a trustee and held in Jointer's liquidity reserve

The reserve first distributes return interest for borrowed funds. Leftover funds will be split between Jointer and property owners

**NOTE: Every index will have its own unique JNTR (Jointer) Token. JNTR token holders can redeem part or all of the JNTR tokens value using a smart contract. This contract will send the JNTR tokens to the Liquidity Reserve. In return, the smart contract will send back ETH or a stablecoin such as EZO coin (Element Zero) — subject to the receiver request. All redemption requests are processed on a pro-rata basis every 24 hours based on the buyback program. Jointer keeps the right at any time to pay off any JNTR tokens based on their current value.

Market Maker
Limited or no liquidity

As of this moment, there are no active security exchanges or markets available to host security asset tokens such JNTR. Additionally, there is no guarantee that any security exchanges will host all types of asset tokens.

Liquidity through Element Zero

Jointer founded Element Zero, which is designed to act akin to a not-for-profit project with a goal of creating a stablecoin backed by a stability protocol that also funds lucrative commercial real estate properties.

Element Zero and Jointer have a symbiotic relationship. In order to allow investors the option to liquidate their JNTR tokens, Jointer needs a liquidity reserve, and Element Zero’s reserve needs a source from which to buy JNTR tokens to maintain the liquidity system.

The Past   The Present   The Future
traditional industry Debt Tokens
Returns 4%-12% 9%-15% 20%
Collateral Subject Property Subject Property Cross Collateral
Liquidity None Restrictive Instant
Public Trade Locked Locked Unlocked
Investor Type Accredited only Accredited only Public
Minimum Investment Tens of Thousands Tens of Thousands $1
Risk of Fraud Medium Very High Very Low
Managment Risk Medium Very High None
Transparency Medium Low High
Distribution Risk Medium Very High Very Low
Conflict of interest Low Very High None
Returns 4%-12%
Collateral Subject Property
Liquidity None
Public Trade Locked
Investor Type Accredited only
Minimum Investment Tens of Thousands
Risk of Fraud Medium
Managment Risk Medium
Transparency Medium
Distribution Risk Medium
Conflict of interest Low
Returns 9%-15%
Collateral Subject Property
Liquidity Restrictive
Public Trade Locked
Investor Type Accredited only
Minimum Investment Tens of Thousands
Risk of Fraud Very High
Managment Risk Very High
Transparency Low
Distribution Risk Very High
Conflict of interest Very High
Returns 20%
Collateral Cross Collateral
Liquidity Instant
Public Trade Unlocked
Investor Type Public
Minimum Investment $1
Risk of Fraud Very Low
Managment Risk None
Transparency High
Distribution Risk Very Low
Conflict of interest None
Compare Returns to Traditional Industry

When compared to today’s industry standard, Jointer’s returns for lender are significantly more competitive compared to other lending vehicles.

Industry Industry Industry
Conventional 4%-6% 20% None Yes Low Low
Soft Money 7%-9% 20% None Yes Medium Low
Hard Money 10%-12% 20% None Yes High Low
Debt token 9%-15% 20% Restrictive Instant Medium Low
Conventional 4%-6% 20%
Soft Money 7%-9% 20%
Hard Money 10%-12% 20%
Debt token 9%-15% 20%
Conventional None Yes
Soft Money None Yes
Hard Money None Yes
Debt token Restrictive Instant
Conventional Low Low
Soft Money Medium Low
Hard Money High Low
Debt token Medium Low
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Jointer is simple and diversified real estate investing platform that helps users improve liquidity, increase returns, and minimize risk.