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Jude Regev

Founder and CEO of and Element Zero Network

Jude Regev, whose talent for developing effective digital ideas and big data solutions that have resulted in successfully growing five companies and three successful exits, is Founder and Chief Executive Officer of and Element Zero Network., powered by artificial intelligence and blockchain technology, is designed to help investors and property owners increase their returns, minimize risks, and improve liquidity in the Commercial Real Estate Industry. Element Zero is a not-for-profit organization that has developed a turnkey stablecoin platform that provides the ability for organizations and governments to launch stablecoins benefiting from the Element Zero Network’s stablecoin 2.0 methodology. Element Zero platform’s model is built to make the world a better place for all by protecting against long-term inflation and eliminating the possibility for any volatility.

After developing a big data marketing algorithm in the online advertising industry that was sold at 2012 in his native country, Israel, Jude relocated to Silicon Valley and taught himself to speak fluent English. Besides a passion for startups, Jude’s hobby is commercial real estate where once again, teaching himself and learning from other professionals, he has become an accomplished authority in the industry. was started unintentionally after he built an algorithm for personal use to solve the problem of how to instantly identify the most lucrative commercial real estate opportunities. For investors, Jointer has created a unique vehicle to lend funds to commercial real estate properties and enjoy the best of both worlds; minimizing risks as a lender while achieving high returns like an owner. And for commercial real estate property owners, Jointer has created a solution to unlock equity for free, bearing all the regulatory liability and marketing costs. Jointer’s need to provide its users a solution for stable, decentralized cryptocurrency payments led Jude explore current stability protocols. After in-depth reviews of existing stablecoins, Jude and his team concluded that none of the current stablecoins in the market were truly decentralized or 100% stable.

Early in the development of its proprietary stablecoin,in partnership with Nobel Prize winners and world-class experts, Regev realized how many industry problems the new model for the stablecoin could solve and how wrong it would be to limit this solution exclusively to Jointer. What started as a specific stablecoin for Jointer soon expanded into a global solution. Against this backdrop, Element Zero was established as an independent not-for-profit organization and autonomous entity that will belong to the public.

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