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Lior Gal

Founder and CTO of and Element Zero Network

Loir Gal is Chief Technology Officer for Element Zero Network and In these roles, he will be responsible for the development and delivery of the Element Zero Stablecoin platform and underlying groundbreaking tech.

Gal brings over 18 years of systems development and leadership to the organization. He most recently served as Chief Development Officer and Chief Architect for ToSoft IT Solutions, a leading IT solution provider based in Israel. At ToSoft, he was responsible for managing a development team responsible for the system from an application and infrastructure perspective.

From 2008 to 2012, he served as Development Manager for the Content Management Division of Elad Systems, a leading software solutions provider specializing in the development and integration of advanced technologies into business environments. At Elad, he managed a development team in the field of content management, product versioning, functional technical writing and hands-on development. Prior to joining Elad, he was Head of Content Development and Process Management for "Hermesh" project in Leumi Mortgage, where he managed a team that delivered WS components, as well as the characterization and design of business processes.

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